Best Gaming Desktop PC’S

Hey guys, its Michael and welcome back to my blog on Entertainment. Hopefully you’ve all been kept entertained so far and have enjoyed the read of my previous posts. Last time out we were talking about the new Gaming Laptop that I’d recently purchased. Following on from that theme, I wanted to talk about some of the best Gaming Desktop PC’s available right now.

I went for a laptop instead of desktop purely for mobility purposes. Plus, these days you can pack so much tech into a laptop that you can get more than enough gaming power. For some people though, you just can’t get too much power and they love the fact that with a desktop you can just keep on tweaking it and adding stuff to make it even bigger and badder. The good thing is, you can just replace most components one by one for a newer model as technology improves without having to replace the whole unit and they’re a lot more customizable than laptops with more space to cram in more power.

So here’s a list of some of the coolest Gaming PC’s on the market and an idea on what they’ll cost. That’s obviously without any extra trimmings you feel the need to add.

MSRP’s Falcon Northwest Tiki

The Tiki really is a sleek beautiful looking machine with a neat slim blue finish. It looks nicer than any rival PC on the market right now. Maybe the only downfall of this machine is that the thin design means less room for upgrades but with the spec it has, you can’t really want for too much more, can you? The cost is very high at over $5,000 dollars with the spec mentioned so that will put off most but if you’ve got that kind of cash then it really is the best PC package you’ll find considering its size.

It has an intel octo-Core i7-5960X 4.6 GHz Extreme Edition processor so its processing speed is just about as fast as you’ll get anywhere right now. The storage space is huge at 6TB and the RAM sits at 16GB. The graphics card is also the best on the market with a Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X to make for surreal gaming. It supports 4K gaming and video with strong performances in multimedia and 3D benchmark tests. The 3-year warranty gives you a good piece of mind as any breakdowns will be covered.

Dell’s Alienware Area-51

As you might remember, I’d settled for an Alienware laptop. Well here’s a pretty swish desktop to feast your eyes on. This comes in a little cheaper than the Falcon at around $4,300 dollars. It doesn’t have quite an as powerful processor with the i7 3.9GHz 6-core 5930k but it’s still a powerful processor. Has a little less storage at 4TB but the same 16GB of RAM. The Nividia Geforce GTX 980 graphics make this a powerful gamer. Unlike the Falcon you also get a blu-ray player built-in instead of just a standard DVD RW drive. It doesn’t offer the same gaming pleasure as the Falcon but is a strong competitor. Again, a little pricey for most and once you’ve added all the extras it will likely come in over the Falcon on price. Check out some of the custom add-ons available at the Alienware website and see how high you can go.

MRSP’s Maingear Epic Force Super Stock X99

So I said with the Falcon Tiki you’d surely not need anything else under the hood other than whaat comes as standard. Well I was being a bit of a moron. Let’s face it, the beauty of desktops is that there’s always a more ridiculous one around the corner blowing the other spec sheets out of the water and making you rethink everything you thought you knew about Gaming PC’s. The Maingear is unmatched by even then Tiki on graphics performance. It sports an overclocked version of the i7 found in the Tiki. Multiple solid-state drives, super quiet cooling system with its own bespoke piping arrangement. It really does have that custom feel unlike the sleek Tiki. This is a big beast of a machine and has a never ending list of specs mind you surprisingly no blu-ray drive. You may say so what but this baby will set you back $12,000 before further add-ons you could say a blu-ray should be thrown in as standard. You would have to be the hardest and richest of gamers to afford one of these but Christ you’d not be disappointed.

Want something a little cheaper?

Why not build something yourself and make your own unique machine? OK, that’s not for everyone but one thing you could do is buy an old second hand Gaming PC and add your own upgrades to save some money. As long as it has a good motherboard and processor you can upgrade the graphics and add some RAM to give it a bit of a performance boost. You could check out this site and search for a used Gaming PC for sale. If you have a slightly bigger budget you could buy a new one too for around the $1,000 dollar-mark and add your own upgrades to that instead. There’s a huge range of cheaper PC’s that will give more than adequate gaming so have a look around and decide what’s best for you.

Good luck, see you next time.