Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. You know that I am all about passion. I write about the books, the movies, the games and everything really that I am passionate about. This could be because they hold some sort of meaning to me, they are something I regard as amazing or they are groundbreaking and squash industry standards. But sometimes you need to look at the money, which is what brought me to making this list of the best selling video games of all time. 

Diablo 3

At the time, this set the record for fastest selling PC game of all time shipping 3.5 million copies in the first day. The RPG hack and slash game had 6 playable classes and pitted the character against the Lord of Terror Diablo. The game featured hardcore characters that were gone for good after death, which made characters and players feel much more attached. 

New Super Mario Brothers

This original side scrolling Mario game was the first since Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden coins for the Gameboy color and shipped just under 31 million units. Released in 2006, this game was a great revitalization of the series with 3-d models to give it a nice 2.5-d effects. There were also some new features, including a giant mushroom that would turn Mario or Luigi into giant versions who could run through the whole level. 


The original gameboy version of Tetris shipped 35 million units. This was partially to due to the fact that every single Game Boy shipped with a version of this game. The game featured those iconic 6 shapes that were called tetrameters, and they are now just as iconic as the game's memorable theme music. Add in the countless downloads from the App store and Tetris will never be outsold.