Ok so to kick off the entertainment blog I am going to talk about some cool stuff that has been released in 2015! It’s all pretty entertaining as far as I can see and let me know if any of you guys have used any of it.


First off if you are a fan of playing football then Adidas have released the Smart Ball. It basically trains you to hit a ball better and gives you tips on how to kick like a professional footballer. It has sensors inside the ball and the info comes up on a screen. How cool!


Then there is the Air2 floating Bluetooth speaker. It “floats” because of strong magnets in the speaker and in the base. Apparently the sound quality isn’t incredible but it looks pretty smart.


Something very cool indeed is the Estelon Extreme speaker. It has premium quality audio and produces an amazing soundscape, so much so that the speakers appears to disappear as the source! Imagine watching your favourite movies with those!


Now to go with those amazing sounding speakers, Samsung announced the released a bendable television. Yes bendable. It is a whopping 105” inches and is the first of its kind in the world. Looks like it will change the way we view films at home. Can imagine it only really being suitable to footballers though.


The first completely wireless smart headphones have also been released, called The Dash. They are able to collect all types of data too!


Dell have released the thinnest tablet in the world, a minute 6mm. It is called the Venue 8 7000 Series. Fancy name for a fancy tablet!