Games can benefit

Hey guys, today I want to talk about how games can have more benefits than just fun. New PC, PlayStation and Xbox games that are not only capable of providing fun and excitement for everyone in the house, but they can also give certain benefits and advantages to learning and brain functionality. Designers have started to bring in more difficult brain bending obstacles for us to get past in order to finish the game, in some cases making it harder and harder to complete. Action games, are fast paced and may contain a large amount of violence due to it being an action game. These kind of games are usually inappropriate for children under the age of 16. These games fall under the category "M" which means there is mature content inside. Some examples are Enter the matrix, Halo, Star wars and call of duty.

RPG adventure games, these are normally not as graphic as action games but these games can take the player into surrealism and fantasy world of their own. Some adventure and role-playing games often contain violence in some. Some examples are Final Fantasy, Billy Hatcher, Borderlands 2 and Legend of Mana. One of my personal favorites is Simulation, these are video or computer games that simulate real world situations under game settings giving you that real life experience. The most known games are Flight simulators, Racing Simulators and Sims. There are many games in the simulation class that will entertain children with no problem. Some examples, Farming Simulator, Flight Simulator, Evil Genius, Football Manager and The Sims. To finish off we have Construction and Management simulation, as the name suggests this is suitable for people who love to build, in these games you have to build, expand and manage simulated projects and communities with very little resources and very little money, then build your way up. Some examples, SimCity and Harvest Moon.