Hobbies for adults who are bad at hobbies


Hey everyone, whats going on today? Welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog, super pumped for you to be joining me again today. Any of you readers still struggling to find the right hobby for you? As we grow older it seems to be harder and harder to get into a hobby that you can enjoy, and one that is affordable. If you buy your hobby supplies used like I do you can save some money on that front (I use http://www.for-sale.co.uk to find good prices on all the things I need to try out a hobby as you can always just sell it back if you don’t enjoy it!) but actually finding something you want to devote the time to is still difficult. Lucky for you, I have had this problem and found a couple solutions. Check out the list down below.

Start Gaming

Yep, gaming is actually a great hobby you can get into because you can do it at home. You can play games alone or with a partner, or with a group of people. These days it can be fairly cheap to get into as well, you can find last generation consoles that are still supported by their manufactures. I still play my xbox 360 that I got from a classified ads website, and they still have tons of xbox 360 consoles, check this out http://www.for-sale.co.uk/xbox-360-60gb to find a discounted console for yourself.


  Last Generation Xbox 360

Adult Hiking

Adult hiking is different from normal hiking in one way-more drinking. Go ahead and buy yourself a camelbak Hydration bag, (you can get one here: http://www.for-sale.co.uk/camelbak-hydration),  fill it up with your favourite mixed drink. Then call some friends and head out to the nearest little nature area where you live. It can be a mountain, a beach, or anything inbetween. Just go out with some friends and some drink and have fun. Make sure that if you are actually hiking that you keep yourself hydrated, and always have a safe ride home.


  CamelBak Hydration Backpack


Do some Crafting

When you actually sit down with your materials in front of you and no teacher yelling at you in the background, crafts can be pretty simple. Just the other day I made my cat a scratching post and it involved a lot more glue than any real tools. If you get stuck, there are tons of online resources such as Craftsy that have guides and can ship tools straight to your house.

  Crafting Supplies



Collect Trading Cards

Any avid readers out there will know that I prefer collecting cards on apps as per my mobile card post but I did dabble in physical card collecting when I was younger. I had yu-gi-oh cards and a book about pokemon as my mother didn’t allow me to have pokemon cards, but I thought about it all the time. Now that I am older I have looked at games such as Magic, and if it wasn’t for the difficulty of getting the cards currently would be playing.

Anything sound appealing?

I hope this post has given you guys some ideas on hobbies you might enjoy. A good hobby can make for a much happier life, and who doesn’t want that? Thanks again for reading, and if you want to read another post of mine check out this one on yoga. Take care everyone.