Hi there, thought I would share a brilliant docu film with you that I have recently watched.  The film is called Cartel Land and it focuses on two separate vigilante groups attempting to rid Mexico and the Mexican US border of its drug cartels, who are wreaking havoc and tragedy on the lived of the locals living in Mexico and just across the border.


The film introduces us to Tim “Nailer” Foley, a US veteran who moved away from a life of drug and alcohol addiction and decided to start fighting against the cartels who are smuggling the variety of drugs that he was previously dependent on into America.  After years struggling by himself, Foley finally managed to secure a team of helpers in his fight against the Mexican cartels, although some of the members of his vigilante group are less honorable and have more racist intentions than Foley himself, who wants to clean up the border and help the lives of innocent Mexicans who are constantly threatened by the violence of the cartels.


Meanwhile in Mexico, Dr Jose Mireles has set up his own vigilante group to stand up against the cartels and the Mexican government, who not only allow the cartels to operate but are collaborating with them.  Mireles is a charismatic and likeable character who has the backing of the people but, as the film develops, Mireles starts to lose control and the vigilante group he set up to destroy the cartels is infiltrated by members of the cartels themselves.


This film is beautifully directed and leaves you mesmerized till the end. It also highlights how grave the problem is in Mexico and how many innocent lives are lost at the hands of the drug cartels.  I would highly recommend this documentary. I would give it 9/10.