Mobile Card Collections

What’s up guys, welcome back to my hobby blog. I used to love playing with yu-gi-oh cards as a kid, i’m sure some of you did as well. I used to have a toon deck, if I managed to pull my Toon World card I would be able to use multiple blue eyes white dragons and would wipe out anyone on the block. I was looking at buying some more and I found this great website that has lots of online classified ads but there were so many new cards I didn’t know what to do. I have tried playing the same vein of games on my phone and love it. Star Wars Force Collection, Madden Mobile and even an Adventure Time version were taking up a lot of my time so I thought I should talk about them. I will give a quick rundown on what these games are and how they work then I will dive deeper into my favourite ones. 

Old Hobby with New Technology

Collectable cards games are a fairly old concept, Nintendo actually started as a playing card company. These cards were fairly basic, and were actual playing cards that had unique images on them. The goal was simply to collect (or catch as it was latter reworded) em all.  Other prominent novelty good producers soon joined in the craze, with Bazooka Joe Gum including a card with every piece of gum. This idea has expanded to battle cards like the ever popular Pokemon and later Yu-gi-oh! which are still going strong today. It later expanded in the late 2000’s with the popularity of smart phones and tablets, and companies moved to the mobile market. You could buy, sell and trade cards all from your device which brought down the cost for manufacturers by huge margins. Instead of buying the cards at your local shop you could buy them online with a currency only used to buy cards meaning that if you didn’t use all your currency then the company is still making money.

nintendo cards

Simulation over Strategy

The biggest difference between the games being played on a phone or tablet and the ones being played at “Al’s Cards and Dungeon shop” is that the second type requires much more skill. When you play traditional card battle games, half of the fun is building your deck to how you want it and then playing everything when they should be played to get the best strategic advantage. In modern games, you build your deck to be as strong as possible based on one or two things, and usually then just let them all have it. Some games of course are different like Blizzards ‘Hearthstone’ which is insanely popular, but the games that more casual gamers are playing are more of this basic ‘Sit and wait’ mentality. It does make some sense, if you have all this computing power then it may as well be put to good use but to achieve a good balance between strategy and simulation can be difficult.  These are some of my favourite mobile card games and how they work: 

Madden Mobile

In 2010 EA sports entered the world of card games with their new installments to the NHL, Madden and FIFA franchises. These were called ‘Ultimate Team’ and were just that, the chance to create your ultimate team. Players were listed as cards, and they would have different cards for different reasons. For example, in Madden 2012 they had cards for every player in the Super Bowl that year all with ratings above 95. In recent years it has expanded, there are new cards now every week and during major events ( NFL draft, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl) special edition cards are released that can sell for the equivalent of $200 USD.  This is an insane amount for a virtual card that you have no certainty of keeping. A couple of pretty big sites such as muthead have shot up over the past couple years to keep databases of all these cards.  I used to play this game on my Ipad before it broke, and I no longer have any access to my team I spent over a year building.

madden mobile

Star Wars Force Collections

I downloaded this game because a friend of mine had it and we could be on a team together, I ended up lasting way longer playing this then he did. Star Wars FC is a pay to win game for sure, meaning that it is a free to play game but if you are willing to shell out the money for the expensive items( usually packs so there is no guarantee it will be worth it) then you can get the stronger characters that no one else has access to. This also means you can sell your cards for a pretty penny online like I talked about last time (unusual hobbies post), but it can require lots of dedication and round the clock playing to ever get that far, and then you have to be willing to part with the cards. Still a great game that I would love to play with other fans, not juggernauts.

star wars force collections