Hello and welcome back. Hope you liked the little selection of entertaining gadgetry last time, I had fun searching online for stuff. Quite devastated I’ll never likely be able to afford a bendable TV though.


This time I’m gonna go polar opposite and talk about some of the movies that I have seen lately.


Everest; was very impressed with this movie. I’ve wanted to see it for a long time and finally got round to it a few days ago. It is obviously about Mt. Everest in Nepal, the highest peak on earth. It is also about the plight of some of the climbers trying to scale the peak. The story focuses around Rob Hall, who was a climber from New Zealand who led many successful trips to the top of the world. It is based around his, and a few other peoples final climb on the mountain (hope to not spoil too much). The film is packed with very tense moments and some heart breaking scenes, the director and actors gave the film lots of emotion and that resulted in a very effective film. I’d give it 8/10.


No Escape; a film set in South East Asia about an American expat family who have recently moved there and get caught up in what looks like civil war. The name of the country is not mentioned but it does border Vietnam and the rebels are wearing red headscarves, so we can assume that Cambodia is probably the destination (it is clearly filmed in Thailand though, which does not have borders with Vietnam). Again the film is full of very tense moments and the acting is OK. My girlfriend was watching through her fingers quite a lot so it was effective in that aspect. A decent film if you have been to South East Asia, 6.5/10 for me.