Running with a Pit-Bull

Such a beautiful loving dog that has a very bad name across the world they are known to be viscos animals that will stop at nothing, an animal you should be scared of. Well I disagree! it is never the dog that is bad it is the owner that miss treats them that makes the dog violent. For example let’s say a Yorkshire terrier with a good or bad owner, are little horrible violent creatures yet they are not on a banned list, yea maybe there bite isn’t as bad but either way it is what it is, I have never been bitten by a pit-bull. I have a Pit-bull at home and she is the best dog I have ever had, amazing with children soft as a teddy bear, listens to commands and a 100% loyal dog “a man’s best friend” but I am no professional dog trainer I just don’t beat her.

 Now they were originally breaded to be fighting animals a long time ago to get in the ring and fight to the death but you have to remember that is not their doing it is ours. Training them to be violent and treating them very poorly, Illegal dog fighting is still going off in the world just not as much, the fact people pay to watch dogs rip each other to pieces sickens me breaks my heart. So the way I train my Pit-bull “Stella” is by talking her on long runs with me treating her when we get to the end of it, never using my hand as punishment!!! When I’m doing a home workout she will sit with me and stand with me when I’m doing burpies or press ups she is simply awesome and give me motivation to train to keep her on top form!.