Hello everyone. So today I thought I would talk a little about acting and what I think makes a great actor. I used to do a lot of armature acting and directing when I was younger and still now from time to time dip back into the world of film and theatre. I think in order to become a truly great actor you have to be able to lose yourself. You have to rid yourself of inhabitation and reach the depths of what it is to be human. You have to be able to access every emotion from utter despair and loneliness, to sheer happiness and joy, curiosity, vulnerability, and so much more. You have to be able to draw on specific life experiences, observations and perceptions to create a believable character and back story. To have the power to make people see beyond your face and your name is a marvellous and miraculous undertaking. This is in fact extremely hard to achieve as many actors fail to escape a previous characters persona.

A prime example here would be someone like Daniel Radcliff. No one can deny his role in the Harry Potter franchise. We believed in him. This may have had a lot to do with how the films were aired as we were able to see his character grow before our eyes. Ever since the franchise ended though Radcliffe has failed to really make his mark on the film industry. His role in Harry Potter was effective but lacked depth, and his character was essentially quite one dimensional. This shows in his recent film roles in which he fails to really capture the audience’s attention and draw them away from who he is and what he is known for. I think Radcliffe’s best move would have been to have a break from acting after Harry Potter, giving him time to refocus and reenergise his acting credentials. If he had then made his re-entry into film with something completely different and more serious this would have then intrigued audiences and perhaps made his performance a little more believable.