Unusual Hobbies 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to talk about the wild wonderful (and sometimes weird) world of hobbies, whether it be collecting masses of inanimate objects, unusual displays of outrageous behavior, creating amazing sculptures only visible through a magnifying glass, the deep desire to be on TV, leaping from cliff faces in a bird suit or enjoying the thrill of buying and selling used products online and amassing a small fortune. For now I just want to touch on a couple, as I remember these two individuals fondly. 

Hobbies have been a part of life throughout history.  They’ve evolved somewhat as we have over the years but it’s something that is integral to our way of life and general well being.  A hobby after all is not just something we do in our free time, but rather something that we enjoy doing, over and over again. 

Surprisingly enough, hobbies aren’t as often and as openly discussed as you might think.  Enquiring as to what ones hobbies are is usually done in more formal situations or generally as a secondary step following introductions: an ice-breaker if you will, or even small talk.  It’s only when you get to know someone a little better and get to know what they enjoy doing that it becomes a topic of conversation out of interest more than a general summarising question.  Hobbies are also found listed on resumes, more as a matter of standard practice than out of necessity, and of course it’s the kind of list that many people struggle with.  It’s for this reason that many people list what they think they should list: anything from watching TV (an awful declaration) hanging out with friends, to going to the cinema, listening to music, reading books and shopping.  It’s always the same category of pastime.


So today I wanted to remind you that that isn’t actually the case of course.  There are scores of people out there who have very different hobbies, unusual hobbies, hobbies we may not begin to understand, but to them, it makes the world a wonderful place. 

The Desire to be Famous

Or at least the desire to be on TV.  I had a friend once (we’re still in touch) who was incredibly eccentric.  He was an avid reader and music collector and generally held beliefs against the mainstream.  He was individual and proud of it.  He was also very well liked.  His hobby, was to do everything he possibly could to get on TV.  It started with him milling around the city on a weekend with a video camera interviewing shoppers and questioning the necessity of their purchases.  This very quickly evolved some years later into taking himself down to Gloucester after the arrest of the infamous Fred and Rose West.  There, he managed to get into the West household and snoop around filming everything he saw.  He interviewed Fred’s neighbours for their take on recent events and also filmed the arrival of the jury from Fred’s roof as the bus pulled in to his back yard to survey the graves.  While watching the national news one evening he was delighted at the fact that he was their on the roof, on National TV.   

TV (Blind Date) 

A couple of years later he managed to secure his first TV appearance on Cilla Black’s Blind Date, a reality TV show featuring one girl and three competing young lads who would answer a series of set questions in an effort to woo the girl.  Anyone of sound mind would think that’s quite an impressive result, but it wasn’t good enough for my friend, for he had another hidden desire he wanted to be extra famous, from being famous.  Instead of going through the standard process of the game show, he got blind drunk in the guest bar for the couple of hours grace the contestants had before the show.  His dialogue with Cilla and the other contestants as it was being filmed LIVE was an awkward blend of hilarity and utter embarrassment.   And if that wasn’t enough, as his name was called and he approached the stage, while shaking Cilla’s hand he bent his leg back from the knee and delivered a kick directly into the middle of Cilla’s shin.  He apologized of course but she spent a good thirty seconds to a minute bent forwards rubbing her shin, live, on National TV. 

Interestingly, his hobby continues to this day, some twenty years later.  For the last twelve months he’s appeared frequently on BBC’s Time Team – a show for archeological enthusiasts and has had many photographs featured in magazines online.  He hasn’t changed a bit. 

Buying and Selling Used Products Online 

ed products online

I have another friend who’s hobby of selling personal items at a weekend car boot sale to get a  bit of extra cash, became an all out obsession after he discovered Ebay.  For him, using Ebay meant that he could do this everyday, build a name and make lots of money.  It wasn’t long before he progressed from selling personal items of his own, to actually buying used products online, using classifieds sites such as http://www.for-sale.ie/ , re-marketing them and then selling them on at an increased rate.  To this day, this is what he does full-time to make a living, and he’s become incredibly successful.  Anyway, thanks for reading guys, until next time..