Hi folks. A bit of a random post today. I just wanted to share my absolute love of Youtube with you all. It is quite honestly, in my opinion, the ultimate form of entertainment. You can search for whatever interests you in the form of audio and visual whenever the fancy takes you. And even if you only have 2 mins free there is always something that will fit the time that you have available. Whether it be a music video, a clip from a movie, a homemade video of somebody sticking an ice cream in their girlfriend's face or a guy doing burpees with a polar bear (I kid you not! I watched it yesterday!) there is something to appeal to all tastes. A few of my favourites at the moment include Ozzy Man Reviews, Batdad and anything to do with cats and dogs fighting! Ha! Truly amazing! You can use it on your phone for crying out loud! And I remember the era of VHS! Want a leap in technology. Just imagine where we could be in another 20 years time. The mind boggles. But I digress. Back to Youtube. It’s no surprise that it is the world's second largest search engine after Google, such is its popularity. And the fact that you can upload your own videos to just adds to the attraction of the service! You too can be an entertainer! Ha! I might have a go myself. Anyway folks, enough of my gibberish. Be sure to let me know what your favourite Youtube channel is! Until next time! Speak soon!